Inspiring Training
Stop Smoking Support Training for Worksites, Industry and the Private Sector. 

Develop the skills to help and support your staff to stop smoking using evidence based practice and treatment options.

Stop Smoking Support Training

Inspiring develops innovative approaches to help develop workplace capability to support people to stop smoking.
Our unique access to world leading clinical research enables us to ensure that people choosing to make changes for better health and wellbeing are supported with leading edge assistance.
Inspiring's comprehensive one-day training session for Stop Smoking Support in the Workplace covers:
  • Tobacco dependence
  • Tobacco withdrawal minimisation
  • Behavioural change techniques for stopping smoking
  • Stop Smoking Medicines
  • Alternative Nicotine delivery systems
The Stop Smoking Support Training is tailored to your Organisation's:
  • Occupational Health and Safety Staff
  • First aid workers
  • Workplace nurses
  • Staff members wanting the skills to help and support colleagues to stop smoking
Our one-day training session will equip you with the hands-on knowledge and the skills to give your staff the very best chance of stopping smoking for good.

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International Training Development Work - World Health Organisation, Tokelau Ministry of Health and Samoa Ministry of Health
Inspiring Limited is able to draw on our clinical expertise and expert knowledge of tobacco cessation support, coupled with the most recent evidence based Stop Smoking treatment practice.
Our development and delivery of New Zealand's National Stop Smoking Practitioner Programme qualification is designed to share the relevant information to accomodate all learning styles.

Our understanding of traditional Pacific concepts of learning, and how to create a shared vision of learning through listening to those we work in partnership with, creates a strong, student centred learning platform. Learning outcomes are monitored at each step of the process to ensure our participants knowledge is enhanced.

February – July 2018 - Development of a tobacco cessation and tobacco dependency plan for Tokelau.
The plan is based on key informant discussions with consideration given to alternative modes of delivery.
The plan includes culturally appropriate processes and resources required to train Smoking Cessation specialists in Tokelau.

The development of a tobacco cessation and dependency plan for Tokelau included patient assessment processes, clinical and community referral systems, resources and tools along with clinical treatment methods and processes. It also included the development and delivery of training materials, tobacco cessation and a dependency capacity building component and face to face training of Tokelau’s cessation focal points by way of a 5-day training workshop.

Inspiring Ltd is currently working on the development of a tobacco cessation and dependency plan for the provision of cessation training in Samoa.
On completion of this work, Inspiring will have developed a Tobacco Cessation and Dependency Training Manual and a Samoa specific tobacco cessation implementation and training plan. We will have delivered face to face training to tobacco cessation focal points for Samoa to ensure cessation support.

All our work is done in consultation with local Ministries of Health to ensure plans, training and manuals are suitable for local purpose and delivery.

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